Make the Edit tab in the component list a little bit higher


It would nice, if the minimal/default height of the “Edit” Tab in the component list would be a little bit (10 pixels) higher, so that the folder path is fully visible as well, if the second component list is displayed.
Currently I always have to drag the Edit tab a bit larger in height.

Folder path just visible:

folder path cut, if second component list is opened:

It is not critical and since a few versions of SketchUp already like this, but it would be nice if adapted once.

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I noticed that while checking your other reports. It is odd that the divider doesn’t move when both panes are showing, but it does move when only the primary pane is there. So, close the secondary pane, then use the divider to give Components more height (pushing Tags downwards in your case). That gives Edit enough height, and when you show the secondary pane the field is no longer cut off.

The divider between the two component lists moves as long as the height of the main and second list is not smaller than their internally defined minimum.
The minimum height of the main list depends on the tab., meaning the “Select”, “Edit” and “Statistics” tab have a different minimum height.
What I propose is, that the minimum height of the “Edit” tab is increased by a few pixels, so that the folder path field is always well visible - with or without the second list opened.

The same issue is with the material pane. If you are in the “Edit” tab and open the second material list, then the main pane gets a bit less high such that the “opacity” slider gets a little cut off.
Instead of increasing the minimum height of the “Edit” tab, one could also make sure, that when the second list opens, the main pane is not reduced in height.

@SketchUpTeam , thanks a lot for having fixed this in 2022.0.354. !

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