Make sure 2 objects are parallel


Hi I have this object:

test.skp (147.5 KB)

I just wanna make sure the long external faces are parallel. I wanna the front and the back of both components to be parallel to each other. I can use the ROTATE tool to do that but I will never get a precise angle to make it parallel.

How do I do that?


Following on from Dave’s post, this is what he means about rotate.
Note that I made one section of geometry a group to stop them sticking together.


Thank you so much man, I didnt knwo this option of allowing me to set an axis! This answer is great and I would certainly mark it as the best but the answer provided by the other guy (despite requiring more steps) does not need to delete object and place it again. Tanks anyway, at least I learned this new axis stuff!


Great idea, just need to set a point in common to both objects and rotate it at least twice! Thanks a lot man!


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