Make Live Components unique within a model without losing parameter options

I’m just diving into live components and I really like this tool.
What I’m trying to do is to create a product (in this case again a pedal bin) which has the options to show packed (in a box) and unpacked as well as changing the color. Now so far so good I can kind of handle this. (search for Pedal Bin Mockup)
The problem is now when I use it in sketchup I want to use 5 copies of the live component in the same model. If I copy it now and change the parameters it changes the parameters of all 5 copies. But the aim is to show the same component in different colors.
Is there a node which makes each live component individual once you copy it in a model or maybe even a pre-set parameter which makes each copy unique to use sketchup terms?

Un SketchUp select one by one your copy and right clic “make unique”

Hi Thanks, I was looking for a more elegant solution. I want to prepare the components for users which are not so much into sketchup. If they build models with the same product in 15 different colours the making unique option can be quite time consuming and annoying. If I use i.e. dynamic components each component even if copied can be changed individually without making them unique.

Hmm, there are some improvements (and bug fixes) planned for “make unique” for LCs specifically.

Am I understanding correctly that you want an option to select a number of Live Components (or any component really), and make each one unique?

eg. select 5 “Pedal Bin” components sharing the same definition, and select “Make All Unique”. This would cause All 5 bins to have a definition each and be individually modifiable.

This would differ from the normal “Make Unique” button which only creates a single new definition for the selection.

In addition, from a user’s perspective, it would be nice to remember certain values of parameters.

Let’s assume you draw a building and choose for a certain ‘family’ of windows. Sizes may vary and now you have to make each window unique in order to configure the size parameters.
When this is done, you might want to choose another family of windows (or brand/manufacturer)

The whole process would start again, unless certain values where to remembered.

DC’s have the option to swap definitions, but it requires some nesting (eg a common wrapper with the basic scaled dimensions XYZ and then a lower component which inherits these values)

Maybe it makes it clearer when I describe our process how we build up the models for our customers.
We are a producer who wants to get some space from a shop to present our products. The shop wants to see what this space looks like.
So, our sales staff (no Sketchup Pro’s) use at the moment DC and put them into the model together with shop furniture. They put on one shelf i.e., 5x 3L Pedalbins next to each other and then they choose for each bin the colour. With DC there is no need to make them unique. I was hoping to do the same with LC but when I change the colour of one bin it changes the colour of all other bins as well. I was wondering if there is a node which I could ad that makes the whole LC unique with every copy I make from it. Even nicer would be an option which can be pre-set in the parameters to choose if, once the LC is copied in a Model, it will be made unique or not.

Right, that would be nice. As I’m not a developer, I would imagine a node called “make unique” in which you can set, which parameters are kept once you copy a LC in a model or which parameters are made unique. This would be a perfect solution.

Hi there
If I have to place 5 live components in a scene with just one or two difference parameters. I completely set the 1st, I make 4 copies and I make each one unique with the context menu to make unique. It’s the fastest way.

2 LCs with a different parameter => 2 LCs with different definitions.
There is not as for the DC, an instance dictionary which could have a different value from the definition, as long as it does not alter the number of geometries.
You can change the scale, rotation, position, material, display status.
We cannot, without the DC becoming unique, increase the number of copies of a sub-element…

As long as attribute management is not operational,
Teach users how to use the “make unique” command.

In addition
You can prepare presets that would initialize different default values depending on the choice to guarantee speed of adjustment.
Here is an example: Preset A, B, C, D
Changes the default values of 2 numerical values (width and length), and a choice of colors parameter from a list of 4 colors.

OK Thanks. We stick with DC for now. I guess there is still quite some development going on before LC go live