Make hand drawn render styles

Hi Chip,
Love the work and the direction…its good to see such a useful and advising community!
Thanks again

Will try and find these render styles… thanks tnoll

I googled one by the file name to find the source and it was from 2010 by Dave Richards. Then I googled again and got a styles header here I cherry-picked mine so they might not be what you’re after but this looks like a good place to start.


It is a good start and thanks bud

Here is my starting point I suppose… pre-addons-newstyles-postwork…
lets see where I get…
Thanks for everones help…


Take a look at a newcomer that might be exactly what you need for post. Rebelle - astonishingly accurate digital media for watercolor/markers/wet media.


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Dave, is there a way you can share these styles for us to download? I <3 them.

Some of my styles are available from SketchUpArtists and more are available in the Shop at Sketchucation.

Wow, there’s a whole world out there I didn’t know about. Thanks!

I can’t find the two that are my faves which are these:

Are they available somewhere?

I honestly don’t remember which of my sketchy line styles I used for those. The sketchy shading is not part of the style, though. That’s done in post process.

Ok. I am new to the sites you named…is there a way for me to visit your profile and see all your stuff, or do I just kind of need to click on them one by one while browsing?

Going to my profile won’t show the styles I’ve put there to share. On Sketchucation click on Shop and then Styles. Not all of them are mine but you might find others you like, too.

You can make your own styles using Style Builder if you want.

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