Make a section through a piece of "butcher block"

I want to see what a section through a piece of “butcher block” would look like…
So I drew up my block, using different wood styles for color.
Here is a link to my project:
my project
Could someone tell me how to make a hollow cylinder which has all the colors of the different woods it passes through?
I’m a newbie at SketchUp.
Many thanks for any help!

If you spend some time at The Learning Center, you will learn how to use the tools to get what you want. (interactive tutorials) Also, go to The SketchUp YouTube Channel and pay attention to the Square One series. Both are sponsored by the SketchUp Crew and well worth the time spent there.

I have…
Problem is that you can’t push / pull thru a Component or a Group.
And the raw 3-D part can’t be given colors…
It took a LOT to get the butcher block to look the way it does in my project, but it DOES require making Components and Groups…
Of course, the MAJOR limitation is that the 2 facing surfaces have to be coplanar…

Actually share the file with us. Download it to your computer and drag and drop the file into a reply here.

hmm… doesn’t let me upload the file…
Is the link not working?
upload the skp file, right?

Did you first download it to your computer? How big is the file?

The link only lets us view your model but not actually interact with it.


Hope this works, Dave!


Best regards,

Jay Prabhakar

ButcherBlock.skp (295 KB)

If you have the .skp file on your computer you should just be able to drag and drop the file in a reply here. Or use the Upload button which is about in the middle of the toolbar at the top of the reply window. It has an upward-pointing arrow.

I would usggest you remove your e-mail address from your previous post. Bots tend to troll forums like this collecting contact info.

done, Dave.
skp file was attached in the previous reply

Alright. Your model is kind of a mess at this point. All of your "blocks are loose geometry within component and you have a bunch of loose geometry connected to the circles you’ve drawn. Here I’ve moved that loose geometry to the side.

I also note that you’ve dragged out the radius of your circles at some random angle. Best would be to drag the radius out on axis.

From what I understand in your first post you’d like to see what your cylindrical form would look like if it was cut from that block. To do that you’ll first need to fix up the block so it has all of the internal faces. Frankly I would remodel it making each unique block a component and copying it as needed.

After you have the blocks squared away, draw your cylinder or ring and push it through the block. I started with the ring above the block just to make it easier to see in the screen shot. After extruding it, select the geometry of the cylindrical form, right click on it, and choose Intersect Faces>With Model. Then move the block out of the way or move the cylindrical form away. The materials won’t come over because there aren’t any materias where the faces intersect but you’ll get the edges.

If you had SketchUp Go or SketchUp Pro you could use the Solid Tools to trim the blockes with the cylindrival form. That would give you some additional capability.

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WOW, Dave!
Thanks a BUNCH for this.
Will do what you say and post back here when I’m done
Again, MANY thanks!

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Morning, Dave,

I am having NO luck making the project work like you were able to…

I essentially started over as you suggested:

Drew a stick-figure rectangle 0.5" x 3" long, along the Red axis.

Extruded it to 0.5" tall to make a 0.5 x 0.5 x 3" square section stick.

Made it into a component.

Copied it 6 times and made each one of the sticks unique.

Gave them colors.

Rotated and repeated many times.

Stacked them as you see in the attached skp file.

Made the whole cube into a component.

Made a circle in the blue axis of 1.5" radius, 1" above the top corner of the cube.

Extruded that circle downwards into a cylinder that runs through the cube.

Selected the cylinder (it is all in one piece at this point) and intersected it with the model.

Copied the cylinder (it is now actually in 3 pieces, which is already a bad sign).

And the result is what you see… A hollow impartial cylinder…

What am I doing wrong??

Thanks for your help!!

Best regards,

Jay Prabhakar

ButcherBlock.skp (302 KB)


I realized that I hadn’t made the cylinder into a component, which I did.

I then intersected the cyl with the model.

I also made the cyl’s radius 1.25" to keep it all inside the cube…

Still no luck.


Best regards,

Jay Prabhakar

ButcherBlock(1).skp (274 KB)

It’s OK that you hadn’t made the cylinder into a component. If you had, you would need to open it for editing and select the surfaces before running Intersect Faces.

I’m just getting ready to go out. I’l look at your file when I get home.

Hi, Dave,

So I did what you suggested and it WORKS!!!

Thank you SO very much for your help!

Best regards,

Jay Prabhakar

I just wish the COLORs had carried over to the removed cylinder…

Also if the shapes (and colors) carried THROUGH the wood, so that the hollow cylinder would actually LOOK like it had been carved out of a piece of butcherblock…

Best regards,

Jay Prabhakar

ButcherBlock(2).skp (324 KB)

The intersect faces is creating new faces which have the standard color. You could easily paint them with the colors you allready have in your model. Should only take a minute or so…
Beware that if you color a round piece it will not be realistic as the real round piece would partly be endgrain and partly long grain…

SketchUp is a surface modeller, so all created geometry consists of edges and faces. So “solids” are in fact hollow in SketchUp. It doesn’t work the way you want it to…

@tweenulzeven basically responded to your post. If you were using SketchUp Go or SketchUp Pro you could do this sort of thing if you want.

Actually you could do this in SketchUp Free but it would be very tedious.

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