Make a modeled object appear symmetric despite push/pull

Hi, Naive question here. I have searched, but I guess I don’t know how to phrase my question. I’m doing some of the sketchup tutorials (#3 - think…) and it had me make a bunch of windows. I learned how to raise and relieve surfaces. This was all from an ‘interior’ view. However, when I orbit exterior, the push/pull of the the reliefs for glass and wood are exactly as I would expect from push/pulling. the glass is sticking out of the exterior further than the window framing. I would like to design a window that is symetrical inside and out. How do I make it so that the exterior relief from push/pull exactly matches the interior relief where I designed the push/pull?

Hope this makes sense!


It’s difficult to understand what you mean without any visual aid and there are many SketchUp tutorials online so referring to #3 doesn’t tell much either.

Why not post the model experiencing this issue and, while you’re at it, include a link to the tut you alluded to? This will generate more responses and offer a better opportunity for your concerns to be addressed.

Use the Push/Pull tool and the Modifier Key … Push/Pull + Ctrl

  1. Extrude the frame outward ½ the thickness on the outside using Push/Pull+Ctrl
  2. Then extrude the frame inward ½ the thickness on the inside using Push/Pull w/o the modifier key.

Keep an eye on the Status Bar at the bottom of the SketchUp Window for modifier keys and other tips.

Push/Pull Tool

It seems to me that drawing a rectangular path & grouping it (so as not to intersect with anything.)
Then draw the profile section face of the window casement. And use the FollowMe tool to extrude the profile around the rectangular path.

Also the profile need not be symmetrical. If the walls are thick (like they are for new construction on Martha’s Vineyard,) the windows will sit closer to the outside wall surface, than the surface of the interior walls.