Make 2017 for school?

Is it possible to install the Make 2017 version of SketchUp on school computers?
I mean would it be legal for school children to use it for school projects (and hobbies)?

I guess it all depends on how much (money) they make each month or per project.

Ah well, what do I know, I’m not a lawyer.

There is no money anywhere, what I meant by ‘school project’ is, for example, when students have to design a light, model it in SketchUp (which they now do using the free web version), are graded for it, and finished. The design is purely to evaluate the student’s skills, there is no money generated anywhere.
I don’t suppose that this kind of use falls into ‘commercial usage’, does it ?

As I said, I’m not a lawyer. These questions are always difficult to answer.

(The way I l look at it)

The answers to questions like "… … …is this ‘commercial use’ " vary from 0% to 100%, certainly yes. All depending on what people do with the software. It’s a gradient scale from white (you’re good) to grey and to black in the end (no go area).

In your case students don’t seem to use the program commercially.
On the other hand you may be earning your money by making use of a free program to teach your students. Where would you be without this program?

You see how weird things can go.

I think a very important (maybe even more important) question is: "will the ones owning, developing and distributing the program benefit from your actions or is it the opposite, now and in the long run?

In your case some students may very well be future clients of the (a) payed version, that would be great.

In all honestly I cannot answer your question.
I can only say that I would go for it

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Thanks for your answer, that helps!
The teachers are not depending on the program; they do not teach it, it is just a tool that their students would use. In that sense they are not earning their money thanks to it, it’s just a support that the students can use.

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I’m sure that would happen. To leave school and all of a sudden be without a tool you value is probably one of the best motivations to buy it!

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not the most recent post, @Allyson or @Steve_Ketchup might have the latest info: