Make 2016 - 3D Warehouse no longer works... pls help

Hi All… 3D warehouse stopped working for me (make 2016). Says I have latest version.

3D warehouse window opens, but no models populate. Search does not work. I don’t see my profile in the top right… nor does clicking on it (to log in) seem to work.

Extension Warehouse DOES work.

Pls help!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Edit: I was able to get my profile logon to work in the Extension Warehouse… which activated the profile for 3D Warehouse, however nothing was actually fixed… the warehouse is still totally blank.

The 3D Warehouse hasn’t supported SketchUp 2016 for a number of years. You can access the 3D Warehouse through your internet browser and download the Collada file version of the components you are interested in. Then import the .dae file included in the download.

Oh rats… Thanks, Dave. Years??? I was away for a bit, but I didn’t think THAT long…


That’s a shame though, it was a really nice feature that made sketchup special

Yes. It’s been a few years. Again, you can still get components from the 3D Warehouse for older versions using your internet browser.

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