Make 2015 installer help



I’m having some trouble trying to get a hold of SketchUp make 2015, to install in my schools IT labs (around 400 computers total).
Every version of the download I can find installs the pro version trial without giving me the option not to.

Is there a download that doesn’t include the trial? as we have no interest in pro.
An MSI would be preferred if possible.




I do not know if there is any regulation against 400 machines in the lab thats with Make version, but here is the link:


There is a post somewhere that tells you how to modify it so it doesn’t install the pro trial.
If I find it before someone else I’ll post back.


Have a look here.


I’ve tried those joseph they all install the trial first.

Thats a great starting point thanks Box.
Is that a file i could deploy via GPO after the software has been installed or would I need to modify the MSI beforehand?


Sorry I’m not up on how it works, just remembered reading it.


Did you know that you can get SketchUp Pro for MUCH cheaper through Edu Licensing? Click here to learn about Network Lab Licensing.

License terms of one year are available, and version updates and upgrades are free. One-year license: $15 USD per seat (MSRP)



We aren’t interested in pro, there’s no money at all for it.


A one-year license is $15. But no worries, I just wanted to show you your options.

Right now, the trial comes with your SketchUp Make Download. Some folks on this forum have found work arounds though. Check out this thread to learn how to skip the Pro trial in Make.



Thanks, didn’t mean for my post to appear so snappy.
We have a heck of a lot of software apps (i think its over 100 now, all essential depending on what teachers you ask) so even cheep and heavily discounted apps become prohibitively expensive fast


No worries! That is a trend we see and hear about a lot. That is why we try to make it as affordable as possible, but sometimes that is just not enough for some folks. In that case SketchUp Make is always a great option.