MAJ Window Extension

Hello everyone,
“MAJ Window” extension can cut walls made by “MAJ Wall Maker” extension also can make a window match to the wall.
Walls should be made by “MAJ Wall Maker” extension and original layers name. In the first Sketchup window select “Window Height”, “Window to WZ” and “Window Type”. “Window to WZ” is the distance between the bottom of the wall to the bottom of the window. First, click on the wall cause “Finishing Layer (Tag)” and “Interior Layer” hide. You can quit this step by clicking on “Wall” directly. Second click cause “Wall Layer” will be transparent. In this way, you can see 2D plan or other elements covered by the wall. You can select the first side of the window with a third click. The fourth click will select another side of the window. After the fourth click, 3 wall layers cut and window match to the wall will make.
Please let me know your idea about this extension.