Maj Stair Extension Question

I just downloaded the Maj stair extension and am trying to make a simple switch back stair but not getting the clicks right… surly this is an easy fix, could someone help me decipher where I am going wrong? Maybe I can take a video of my screen as I do that so I can share my sequence of clicks…

Feb-20-2022 12-03-29

I’ pinging @majid866, I guess he will be able to help you.
Generally, however, the more information you can share, the easier it will be to help.

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When people upload videos of a work process here on the forum - how do that do that? I think that would be the fastest way for me to show where I am going wrong… THanks!

You can upload the created video or GIF animation using this button

when you creating your post. (Or just drag & drop the file to the reply post).
The file size, however limited to 10MB.
Alternatively, as I see others, upload it to YouTube, or Dropbox, Google drive etc and share the link.


Hi, you should click in place that the next stair will start. when you want to have a breakpoint in one stair you should use the “x” key.