Maintain integrity of groups after editing the group

I know this seems simplistic. I’m working with groups that are within a parent group that I need to edit from time to time. once I seperate shelves from a case to edit the shelves, I see loose geometry left on the face of the case. Am I simply not careful enough when editing groups that are “nested” within the parent group?

For that really smart person just dying to write me to read the basics, please respond with the exact paragraph you would like me to read. Or, you could just tell me the solution. Thank youl

If you are not sure you have clicked your way into the right level it helps to select somethings in your context, or select all. Then you see easily what is loose geometry and what is still grouped. If you work with convoluted hierarchy of grouping it’s a good idea to use the outliner to navigate the levels, so as not to double-click so much.

Also: Sometimes I find I’ve overdone the number of levels introduced to my organisation of geometry.

You’ll get better help if you can upload your model. If it’s less than about 15MB drag and drop it into your post or use the Upload icon above where you post (8th from left). Otherwise upload it to a file sharing service such as Dropbox, OneDrive or WeTransfer and share a public link to it.

From your written description I can imagine several things you might be doing wrong but I can’t tell which. As @john_mcclenahan wrote, if you share the model I’m sure folks here can sort it out.

Thank you, Haakon

All suggestions are in line with my attempt to successfully manage the methodology of Hierarchy. And yes, I’m “exploding” the grouping sometimes beyond the base group and I believe that’s where my problem may lie. Outliner has gotten my attention in the past, but in my frustration I neglected to read about it. I will employ all of these points.


Thank you in advance for your consideration. I’ve uploaded the combo shelves and closet unit as example. In this scenario, I’ve tagged the shelves and door to closet. You see the loose geometry left by the shelves. But additionally, in the rest of the model, my walls are constantly effected by the placembent and supsequent edits of the furniture.

I drew the room, grouped each all individually, and tagged Walls Ext and Walls Int. The interior walls are impacted when I edit my furniture. It’s possible that I save new furniture design as components so I can have them available to me in other models, but thereby impact the current model. If each furniture piece is a model, then I must import each piece. Is that a more successful procedure?

Thank you for your input.
Wardrobe combo shelves and closet.skp (3.3 MB)

Thank you, S.L. Baumgartner,

As you’ll see in the McClennan reply, here is an example of my problem. Thank you for your input,

Wardrobe combo shelves and closet.skp (3.3 MB)

Can I ask, How do you edit a group? I mean what process do you use?

You have a grouped cube and you want to edit it in some way, just add a circle to one face for example, what do you do to edit it?

Hello, Box

the process I use to edit the group is to select “edit group” the highlight the piece I want to edit.