Magiz 一键生成大量建筑造型 Generate lots of buildings in seconds (2020.4.5.Updated)

Zhouxi_Magiz_v0.4.1.rbz (14.0 KB) 2020.4.5.Updated


Indexz 实时监控模型的经济技术指标,与Magiz搭配味道更好! Edgez 边界一键上色,结合Styles秒出Diagram!
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GPL-3.0 LICENSE Free to share.
This is a open source SketchUp plugin generates a lot of buiding appearances in seconds. Everyone can create and share their own patterns.(a .mgz file in default folder of extensions, new mgz draged in will be loaded every time SketchUp start)

More details on GitHub (Added a simple pattern editor)
May the force of sharing be with u.


Interesting extension.

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