Magic propellor 3D printer

magicpropellor.skp (62.9 KB)
Hello SU helpers I need your expertise again.
This item has to be printed 3D in solid drawing, no problem, but also trying to do it when drawing the serrations in a hollow part, less mayterial needed, can you help me?

What program do you use to process the STL file for printing? Those programs should already have a feature for only printing a thin wall instead of a solid. You could export your solid version from SketchUp, then let the other program take care of the thin walls steps.

Colin thanks forsythia info it safes a lot time.

AutoSave_magicpropellor1.skp (43.4 KB)
when the drawing is completed i send it to some one with a 3D printer. but it should solid, a problem accordin sollid inspector. even when using 48 or 96 for circle. pls. reply

Easy part of the model should be a group. Select the separate end piece and make it be a group. Then selected the rest of the model and make that be another group. In Entity Info you will then see that each one shows a volume, which helps to prove that it’s a solid.

Your file is named AutoSave_xxx. If you ever need to go back to an auto save version of something, it would be a good idea to save that as a new file, without the AutoSave_. Otherwise some day you might have a name like AutoSave_AutoSave_AutoSave_OrginalName.skp.