Macro management

Is there a way to “bundle” a set of operations?
Let’s say I’m modeling a spiral staircase, and I’ve got the first step sorted out.
I need to alt-rotate it and then stack it on top of the first iteration. If I need 24 steps, is there no way to not have to repeat each step for every subsequent stair? I know I could lighten the workload by simply selecting all and doubling until I meet the quota, and then deleting what I don’t need, but that’s a work-around, not what I’m looking into here.
This is just a basic example with only two operations, but what I’d really like to know is more about multi-operation “chains”.

I don’t know of a way to create macros as you describe. However, there certainly are extensions to help with your example spiral stair. But I don’t know enough about Make to know if you can access them. If not, maybe you need Pro.

You might wanna checkout this extension: