MacOS trying to launch LayOut on a File->Save from Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator 24

(all recent, fresh installs)

File->Save from Illustrator initiates the system dialog “Attempting to open which has been downloaded from the Internet ” on top of the Finder dialog.

Illustrator 23 doesn’t have the same behavior. I’ve never opened LayOut on this computer (although it’s installed as part of Sketchup which I have opened). Cancel 2x and I can save via Finder.

I renamed just for fun in the Sketchup directory and sure enough it’s trying to open exactly that app.

Cannot for the life of me figure out what’s going on, or could be. All fresh, not migrated installs. Not seeing it in other applications that bring up the Finder browser.

Thoughts or clues on what could be happening? The GetInfo on the .app is below (afraid to open it)

Thanks in advance.

I’m tempted to say… open layout, quit layout, and try to save again ?
or when the popup comes, telling you it’s trying to open layout, say… ok ? and see?

does it also happen when you save as or just save ?
how about deleting layout altogether ? just the app in the sketchup23 folder (you can download it and put it back after), does it save normally ?

That’s a new one. @trent might want to look at that.