MacOS...Run As Administrator?

No equivalent to “Run As Administrator”…Sketchup 2022 Get Info reports “You have Custom Access”. MacOS (Monterey) limits access to “Documents” folder?

I have “Admin Rights” but Sketchup system folders appear to be locked and can’t figure out creation of custom folders.

Sketchy at best…but running as “root” user…Colors (Materials) now allows “Color ->New Texture” and “List → New” to open PopUp selection items. Previously I just got a “beep” warning. I’m assuming Sketchup has unlocked system folders?

In recent versions of macOS you have to grant permission for apps to access folders that Apple deems sensitive. Normally you will get a prompt asking whether you want to allow access the first time the app attempts it. Otherwise you can select access in the system settings.

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Mysteriously, It’s now behaving as expected!

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