macOS Monterey & sketch up

I’ve a new device coming with macOS Monterey. Is Sketch up pro working well on this operating system?

Are you getting an M1 Mac? There is not yet a native version for M1. Many people are running SketchUp successfully using Rosetta 2, though there have been some reports of problems.

I am having no problems with SketchUp 2021 on my Intel-based MBP running Monterey.

No problems for me with my M1 iMac or M1 Max MacBook Pro, and the Rosetta performance is pretty good.

yes, a 16" Apple M1 Max

The paint bucket tool does not work fine in Mac system

What problems do you get?

It’s a double post from this thread.

“straw tool” = eyedropper?


This is a problem both exist in my old Mac(2013 iris graphic car)and new Mac(M1 pro), when I try to use the eyedropper in a large model (100Mb) or larger, I have to wait for some time, but the problem will never exist in windows, and when I edit one material in a large file on Mac,it is also very slow,no matter what model