Macos - LayOut document not the same size as the document in other programs like preview/PDF

When I am drawing in LO, I have to set the page to 150% to match the same size when I do a preview in other programs.

F.e I draw a square 15 x 15 mm in Layout on scale 1:1 ( is align with a mm grid ).
I create a Preview ( in Preview or in LO using the print dialog and then choose show in preview ) or create a PDF document. On both they are 15mm, also on screen. But not with Layout.

When I set the preview or the PDF to 100% it matches with a real metric lineal keeping it on the screen, but I have to resize the LO page to >150% to match the size on screen or to have the drawing the same size as in the PDF doc.

Why?? Can I change that?

Also I can’t even set the page to 100%. The document size zooming menu items under the 100% are disabled.

Again Why??

How can I solve this?
Can Trimble solve this?

Thank you


I do have a >A3 pivot monitor and would love to work on scale.

Also zoom extends will only show the page but the selected item gets not extended in the view.

I had to use a tape measure to work this out.

I have a MacBook Pro with a Retina screen. If I draw a one inch square in LayOut, view Actual Size, and take a screenshot, the square is 144 pixels across. That makes sense, because bitmaps on screen are generally based on 72 dpi, and Retina doubles that up.

Sending that to Preview and looking at Actual Size, will show the square to be one inch across, as measured with a tape measure.

So, Preview is showing you the actual size based on a print you might do, and Layout is showing the actual size of the pixels involved.

Thank you for your response.
I Understands that how it works, but we draw on paper scale in LO.
So the ‘actual’ bitmap size is wrong, also they can test if the user has a retina screen or not. They can test if the user has set the display to very fine. They should draw/use more pixels to draw elements.

Nowadays, most displays are better than 72dpi.
LO should keep up par with the current display resolution or introduce an adjustment methode.

Currently you can buy ±
45 display’s with ±72dpi
877 display’s with ±98dpi
880 display’s with a higher resolution than 100dpi

Also if I draw two line’s in mm ( 0,5 and 0,6 thickness, will converted to point ) with 72dpi resolution is hard to see. I believe AutoCAD did solve this years ago.

Stil why are the lower zoom size’s disabled?