macOS Catalina

Hi there. I have couple of little problem with Layout (2019) at this time and I think it came with the Catalina upgrade. There line on the outside of my image model in layout like if there was a little stroke but there is not. When I export I don’t see it but it’s a little bit mad.

Also, I have my logo on top corner ( it have always been there and work properly before) and when I export, the image became very light.

Thanks for your help, the video link is below.

Would you be willing to copy just the parts that are misbehaving into a new file? Hopefully they will still go wrong, and would be easier to test in different versions.

There is a known Catalina LayOut issue already, and it’s possible you’ve discovered more, but having all of the parts that are working well still there makes it harder to examine the new issues.