macOS Catalina, Sketchup 2020 and sidecar?

Does anyone have any experience of how useful MacOS Sidecar is with Sketchup?

Presuming the Apple Pencil is usable on the iPad display within Sketchup, how well does that fit in with the Sketchup interface and workflow?

There are a couple of other sidecar posts on this forum, but they’re more talking about technical requirements for Sidecar. What I’m wondering is if your setup allows this, just how valuable/usable is it?

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Sidecar works fine for me. How valuable it is? Not very in my workflow as I prefer my Cintiq given the larger screen size. I also don’t think the apple pencil is usable for SketchUp given the lack of buttons, scroll wheel etc. I know some people use Wacom tablets successfully for SketchUp but that’s paired with a pen with buttons and keyboard.

I use it only for a second screen and find it very useful.

Thanks for replying. Yes, I had wondered whether the lack of buttons or a scroll wheel might make the functionality a bit limited. I wonder whether a mouse connected to the iPad might change that? Of course the setup is getting a bit ornate at that point and you’d end up with a desk littered with gadgets. I’m a Sketchup user myself, but this request is on behalf of a client, who is interested in a way of interacting more directly via touch with their Sketchup designs. All of this is on Macs, obviously.

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I have used my iPad Pro and Pencil with the web app running in Chrome, and also running on my Mac in Safari via Sidecar, and in SketchUp on my Mac, via Sidecar. I also have used a Magic Trackpad in iOS 13.5.

The web app running in Chrome was the most successful, but remote controlling the desktop app was ok too. I haven’t tested with a three button BlueTooth mouse, but I don’t think that the mouse wheel action is passed through. Which does mean having to use the Zoom tool or Orbit tool directly.

Given that there isn’t really anything in SketchUp to help support those combinations, they work surprisingly well.

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Thanks Colin. That’s very helpful. I’ll get my client to have a look at all this and decide if it’s a solution that’s worthwhile for him.

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