MacBook Pro upgrade

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

Apple has released two major releases since Catalina: Big Sur and most recently Monterey. Your new Mac will be running Monterey.

I don’t think an M1 Max Mac will run Catalina at all. But I also haven’t heard that anyone has actually received one yet, so nobody has any experience to report.

SU 21.1.331 subscription

My understanding is that people are only now starting to get their hands on these machines, and most are still waiting a few more weeks. My other understanding is that there are no major differences in how they work from the M1 models, which do have some known issues covered in several threads covering the topic on this forum. For the most part, it works well, and the new machines are very significantly higher performing than the machines before them.

Thanks dave - trying to update profile w/ difficulty. currently using macOS 10.14.6

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Hi! I got the new MBP 16 (upgraded to MAX 64RAM, 32GPU cores and 4TB of disk). I am sad to report that Sketchup runs SLOWER on these machines than the MBP 16 from 2019 on a Intel Processor with the 5500M GPU.

It seems Trimble is just not committed to adopt the technologies that MacOS and the Mac environment offers. Every other software I have (Adobe suite, Office, TwinMotion etc) is absolutely fantastic. I never experienced such an amazing performance. The only piece of software that is not only lagging, but worse than before is SketchUp.

I wonder if there is a little hope that SU will be updated to take advantage of the new Apple hardware. Maybe now that they are developing an iPad app we may see something optimized for the Apple Silicon?

It is funny (and infuriating) how we have been pushed to the subscription model, paying more money to get worse and worse “updates” during these period and simply ignoring the Mac base.


I doubt version 2019 will get updates. Is that the version you tested?

The iPad is on Apple silicon already. At least one even has the M1 in it.

One can hope, but be aware that Trimble never discusses ongoing development or plans before release of an actual product.

Well - that’s disheartening. I’ve already ordered the new machine with similar makeup.

One can hope. I would love to use SU/LO on my iPad Pro - especially in front of clients.

That one will probably be released sooner than later - it is already in public beta test.

I am using the latest version of SU with macOS Monterey.

Please update your forum profile. Currently it says you are using SketchUp 2019. That is what led @MikeWayzovski to make his comment.

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That’s my dream too. My 12.9 iPad Pro with M1 is begging to be used when visiting clients. Since iPad and the new MBP (and the ones released last year) have Apple Silicon, you will think Trimble will pay attention to migrate the platform to current hardware. Otherwise, why charging full price to Mac users if they won’t through full support?


Thanks for the heads up. Profile updated.

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If you plan on using the AirPort method of moving files from your old Mac to the new one, be aware that the operating systems on the two machines must be exactly the same or they won’t find one another. Recently I got a MacPro 16 (last of the Intels) and went to bring all the files over from my “Battery Swelling” MacBook 15. They couldn’t find each other. I had just updated the old computer anticipating that the new one would have the latest Big Sur. it didn’t! In fact, it didn’t even have the latest version of Catalina. After messing with it for hours, I had to first update the new Mac to the latest Catalina, and then upgrade it to the latest version of Big Sur and finally they found each other and the transfer took place. All of this took almost SIX HOURS!

Thanks for the heads-up Myles! I will also have an IT person assist me in order to avoid any additional issues.