Mac vs Windows (but deeper)

So I got my SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit yesterday and I love it. But in SU, when my models start to get bigger, the SM doesn’t function very well (severe lag.) So I’ve decided it’s time for a new PC.

I can get a Mac Mini for $600 (cheaper in US) in about 2/3 months. Or wait about a year (living with slow SU) and get a £1700 PC (Ryzen 9, RTX 2060, 32gb ram and 1.5 tb storage.)
I’m also starting to learn my way around AutoDesk products so would need to be able to handle lots of large programs.

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Ryzen and RTX. I have an i7 with an RTX 2080 and SU Pro works perfectly. I also have the AutoDesk AEC Suite with NO issues what so ever.

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The PC with the dedicated Nvidia GPU is the way to go.

There are ways to model for performance in SU.


Note that slowing performance is due to model complexity independent of the space mouse.


I don’t think AutoDesk is Mac compatible.

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Just AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT for Mac and Maya iirc. AutoCAD for Mac is NOT the same nor does it include all the vertical toolsets (arch, mep, elec, mech, etc).

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So theoretically, this should run sketchup without issues? (Obvs taking model size into consideration)

32gb memory
Rtx 3060
2tb hdd, 500 gb ssd
Windows 11 home

And 2 or 3 monitors.

Been reading some old posts from 2019 of people with similar specs as this having issues though?

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My work pc does not have those specs and I have no issues with any of my software, AutoDesk AEC, SU Pro, Adobe CC, etc.

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(Deeper thoughts)
This reminds me of a parcel distribution centre where I used to work during colleges, a fully automated line up where all the parcels rolled of, sorted by zipcode.
It was huge, fast and had great capacity.
But the parcels still had to be placed manually by us students in the trolleys.

Replace parcels with pixels and students with periphery like USB-hubs to distribute them.

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I have to unplug my second monitor when running LayOut, otherwise it lags a bit. I’m sure there are ways for this to not happen, but I don’t know what they are.

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Duly noted, thanks. I don’t really use layout but helpful advice.

Speaking of Ryzen and RTX, my son has a PC with a;
Ryzen 7 5800X
RTX 3060 Ti
32 GB ram
1 TB M.2 NVMe SSD and get’s 47.2428 FPS in SU Make 17 using the standard benchmark file.
It’s his gamer box but runs Fusion 360 great for his school work

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