Mac; SUP Crash, Autosave reverted to old version (pre-manual-saves) yet it's missing aspects



Not sure I understand what to think about this… Simple file, simple organization. Been saving every few minutes, but after a crash (with bugsplat), the SU autosave feature reverted to what would seem to be an older version of my work, but not exactly. It kept some recent aspects, but lost earlier progress. I’m left with a mix of recent work and missing older work. Regardless, my multiple ‘saves’ (ever 10 min or so) didn’t seem to help as autosave seems to have recreated something arbitrary to what was most recently saved manually. Thoughts on if I can recover my last save? And more importantly, can I do something to prevent this from happening again?

BTW, Just moved over from SUP 8 to '17, so maybe I didn’t set something up correctly, but it seems fairly similar, functionally, so I’m clueless.

PS: Just realized it also lost my shortcuts. Weird.


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