Mac SU 2018 Materials Palette not working w/ 3Dconnexion Cadmouse Pro

I am a happy SketchUp/LayOut user running on an iMac w/ Mojave 10.14.5 who recently discovered a problem. My Paint Bucket tool is no longer functioning with Materials.
All the colors work fine, but unfortunately NONE of the “Materials” pallets will work. Clicking on any of the materials categories gives a null response, ie, the paint bucket and/or eyedropper will not “adopt” or take up any material selection, thus none can be applied to any face.
What could explain this malfunction?
I’ve tried quitting and restarting SketchUp - no luck. I’ve also shut down my iMac and restarted - no luck.
Any advice would be most appreciated …

Any extensions?

Yes, quite a few … are you suggesting one or more could be causing this?
Push Line, Construction Line, Double Cut, CleanUp, Grid Tool, Mirror, Section Cut Face, Selection Toys, Solar North, Component Descriptor, Component Finder, Weld, Create LayOut file, & MakeFaces. None of these have been installed RECENTLY, so I wonder …

Looking further: I can sample materials from older SU models, and the eyedropper will suck those up, and I can apply that to a new model … but I can’t select any new materials from the palettes and apply them, they won’t select, they all seem dead.

is it only ‘In Model’ textures or is it also from the other shipped libraries, e.g. Metal…

there is a known issue with some materials from warehouse models…


It’s all the material pallets that won’t select … BUT, I’ve just discovered a kink that sends me in an entirely new direction! I recently got a 3D Connexion 3 button Cad mouse Pro, to replace my smaller version of the same. I got my old mouse out and it WORKS with all the materials!
So, process of elimination, it seems that the new Cad Pro mouse is somehow the problem! I’ve loaded the mouse software properly, and I still can’t get the Pro to work specifically with materials … it works fine with everything else … weird!
Is there any experience or background out there with this weirdness?
Thanks SketchUp community!

I have two 3D Connexion paperweights and from time to time I spend a few days trying to get at least one of them to work…

start a specific thread [with mac in the title] and you may find some people that have managed to get the drivers to work…


Thanks John, will do …

Thanks for your answer. Such a great info.

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