Mac os not show icons


hi there,
I’m looking for but not find this topic with same problem what I have,
in finder not shown thumbnails, only SU logo, maybe someone knows how fix it that it will be possible see thumbnails in icons.
thanks in advance

Yes. you’re in list mode. that’s standard mac os behaviour.

In list mode, mac OS will show the icon of the file, not a preview. To see a preview, you can either click on a file, or on the top of your window, select either the first or the last mode of display.

no metter in what mode, not shown

also not shows, when I choose file, than tipe space bar, onle shows SU icon

Hmm, the plot thickens. The preview on the icons is linked to quicklook. Since we have preview of other files, you have a problem with SU’s quicklook plugin indeed.
, there seems to be some answers in this thread.

basically, it could come from a faulty install of the plugin into mac os, or the fact that you still have an older version (so it’ll try to start the old version with the new SU files)

You have a few solutions, one in the terminal, one in the SU app package (right-click on it, then show content)…

thanks a lot, I try SU app package method, what you write & it helps, now everything ok.
maybe you know some trick about layout files? there are same problem with LO files

If it worked for sketchup, I think you can try the same with layout (the package solution).

In theory it’s the same system, it could be the same bug with the same solution

of course I tried the same way, but there are no library & quicklook to change name in the LO packege, because I ask.
but thanks anyway & good luck

Both skp and layout files are handled by the same quicklook generator from the SketchUp bundle, there is not a second one in the Layout bundle. If you open a terminal and run

qlmanage -m | grep sketchup

you should see a list like this:

  com.sketchup.skm -> /Applications/SketchUp 2023/ (7.0) -> /Applications/SketchUp 2023/ (7.0)
  com.sketchup.skp -> /Applications/SketchUp 2023/ (7.0)
  com.sketchup.layout -> /Applications/SketchUp 2023/ (7.0)

That last line is the one showing how quicklooks for layout files are supposed to be generated. However, I confirm that on my Mac running Ventura and SketchUp 2023, layout files don’t get a preview render, just the generic Layout icon. Unless there is some technical reason why layout previews can no longer work, this seems like a bug.

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thanks for answer, good luck

yeah, same. I didn’t check while posting my earlier message but yeah, no preview, just icon.