Mac Add Photo Texture..., Google Fisheye

This comes and goes for me. Currently on Mac 16.1.2418. When I context-click and select “Add Photo Texture…” the street view imagery in the photo textures dialog is all fisheye. This building is too boring to be curved.

What happens if you click on the building? Does it flatten out? Does the image import with that distortion? What happens if you make the Photo Texture window wider?

It’s a maps API issue, that Google chooses to do on Safari. Looks better on PC. Been that way on Mac for quite a while. #YoureWelcomeKaepernick

I tested, and changing the window doesn’t help. It’s not an uninteresting effect, but might make adding textures a little harder.

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I’ll be at Google next week, maybe I can find a maps api person to plead with!

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