LSS Matrix Extension

Hello to everyone, is there anyone that has lss Matrix Extension version 1.1 file?
I appreciate it if anyone helps.

As said in it’s topic thread … it was discontinued.

It’s v1.0 does not work in newer SketchUp versions.

There is a v2.0 beta …

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Realy thanks for your help Mr. Rathbun :pray: :pray:

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I’ve installed LSS matrix on SKP2021 but unfortunately isn’t working anymore.
Also tried to install LSS toolbar to see if LSS matrix was included or not.
Does anybody know why LSS Matrix isn’t included in the LSS toolbar plugin?

Read Dan’s post above and look at the links he provided. Version 2.0 beta hasn’t been updated since 2013 so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it doesn’t work with SU2021.

This is from 2017:

As for why it isn’t included in the LSS Toolbar extension, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to include it since it doesn’t work and the author has no plans to update it.

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All right, thank you very much Dave for your prompt answer.
By the way, also LSS toolbar doesn’t work since it’s asking me to check the path or the internet address.
I attach the error screenshot.LSS error

Sure, I will definitely update my profile

Again, you should have checked on Sketchucation. LSS Toolbar has also not been updated. Since 2013. And according to the author it won’t be.

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