Low viewport framerate on OSX


Dear community,

Longtime Sketchup user here.

Im getting a sluggish SU viewport framerate (10-20 fps) on a new macbook air, regardless of model complexity and even on empty projects. Using the same machine with bootcamp/windows, the camera is butter smooth.

I use OS X Yosemite on a 2014 macbook air (1.4 ghz, 8gb ram, hd5000, 256gb ssd) and have tried SU 2014 and 2015. Ive reinstalled and enabled/disabled hardware acceleration but no luck. Strangely, when I make the SU window really small, the framerate seems to go up.

Anyone else having this problem? Is this known? What might the issue be?

Thank you & all the best


My apologies for the bump…

Running SU on Mavericks instead of Yosemite (on the same machine) solves the frame rate issue.

A new question; Is anyone else noticing lower viewport frame rates in Sketch up on Yosemite (as compared to Mavericks)?

Thanks & all the best


Yosemite seems faster to me, how are you testing the frame rate?
if you use Test.time_display from Ruby Console with the same model, on both versions, it will qualify the results…


Thanks for the good suggestion, John.

The results are:
Mavericks: 57 fps
Yosemite: 52 fps

This shouldn’t be noticeable, but here’s something odd: When the camera orbits around after inputting the ruby command, the orbit is butter smooth on either operating system. But when I manually orbit the camera (by mouse or trackpad), theres a definite jerkiness on Yosemite.

Also: when clicking the Sketchup toolbar on Yosemite, there’s a slight delay between clicking and the tool being selected.

Is anyone experiencing this subtle difference? Ive asked a friend to look at my screen, just to make sure Im not going nuts - but he confirms what I see. Maybe its a problem with input drivers?

Thanks again


those results are close…
did you test the model under bootcamp? [ just curious ]

The only issues I had when I first upgraded to Yosemite involved Input devices…
There were latency issues with BlueTooth and with my Mouse [wired]…
Turning BT off and getting a new mouse, improved the performance when using SU on my very old iMac…



The same test in bootcamp shows 64 fps.

Yes, these results are close enough and indeed the camera orbit (when running the ruby script) is smooth on both Mavericks, Yosemite and Bootcamp. Yet manually moving the camera around (and other actions, such as selecting tools) is jerky only on Yosemite.

I dont use bluetooth, but yes it seems to be an input problem