Love the new icons

Much more intuitive now. Thanks for this update. I like the actions in red.

I can’t yet say that I love them but I think they are very clear and distinctive and facilitate finding stuff. They are, therefore, very good.

I just don’t think the colors should be so vivid, they become a bit distracting. They are a huge improvement though, congratulations.

Perhaps. But I do like the highlighting of the action. Makes it intuitive to read at a glance. Perhaps the contrast can be dialed down a bit.

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I have mixed reactions. Earlier, I was kind of thinking the monochrome interface was quite slick, and, by comparison, not unlike Procreate which is almost, but not completely monochrome. I have struggled a lot with finding tools, never quite sure whether it’s because they’re in different places than desktop, or whether I’m visually struggling to recognize what I’m looking for. I think the color helps a lot with the latter, but it’s perhaps a bit garish as is. I think maybe I don’t like the blue so much, so maybe black/grey/red might look better than black/blue/red? Looking back, that’s closer to what the desktop icons look like.

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I think we would get used to it faster if you’d either push this to the desktop or mimic the desktop.

I would perfect this one and push it to desktop.

The problem with that will be the criticism. Everyone will say that the 2023 update is just a bunch of icons…