Lost SetCoordinateAxes method in new SDK API?


Previous SDK used to have a SetCoordinateAxes method.

class ISketchUpComponentDefinition :
  public ISketchUpDrawingElement {
  virtual atlast::geometry::CBoundingBox3d GetBoundingBox() const = 0;
  virtual void OrientFacesConsistently() = 0;
  virtual void SetInsertPoint(const atlast::geometry::CPoint3d &pnt) = 0;
  virtual void SetCoordinateAxes(const atlast::geometry::CPoint3d &origin,
                                 const atlast::geometry::CUnitVector3d &xAxis,
                                 const atlast::geometry::CUnitVector3d &yAxis)
    = 0;

I’ve looked in :

  • include slapi/model/component_definition.h
  • include slapi/model/drawing_element.h

without any success

Is it elsewhere ?



This has been answered by @tt_su here