Lost my design MOJO

Yer you are totally right! thank you for the insite.

There are some AI’s, the one I use more often and maybe the most popular is Midjourney But there’s also another good one called DALL·E 2

Is there a reason why i need to entre my phone number while trying to join DALL E2? it doesnt sit too well give too much of my information up.

yes. data. all the “free” IA services thrive on gathering data, either to “train” their ia, or at least the old fashion sharing and reselling.

ia companies are internet companies after all.

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My advice would be the opposite of sitting in front of a screen ‘looking for inspiration’. You want design mojo, the you need creativity. You need to tickle and activate your brain.

What really works for me is reading a good book. Whatever kind you like, as long as it’s not prose. It needs to be something that carries you away and leaves your imagination to build in your mind the world the author describes.

That for me is what gets me going again. No AI, no screens or computer at all.


Can I suggest something else? Step away from SU altogether and draw something by hand. Or maybe even make a card model if you want?

When you’ve been doing SU for a while, when you’ve been at a project for ages, it sometimes stops feeling “real” if you get me? So doing something in the physical world helps me.

I’m in architecture and it’s really important that I see the physical work that comes from my SU models. There’s a spiritual dimension to the question you are asking - am I just modelling a fantasy world that only exists to me?.. or is it work that is touching other people’s lives and making a difference to the world?

Fantasies are lovely and comforting, but it can’t sustain you for long.


I’ve recently started a contract that involves a few hours of commuting by car each day so I’m listening to audiobooks.
My current book is The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson- a steampunk sci-fi mash up.
He’s describing a multitude of transportation machines that are inspiring me to try to design them.
Among them, a ‘Chevaline’, a mechanical horse that folds into a briefcase and a ‘Pedimotor’ which is, I think an exoskeleton walking device.
It’s great fun!

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here’s another good tip…

Change your workspace.

Clean it, rearrange furniture, put new artwork around…get out of the “rut” of slouching down in the same old office chair looking at the same old desk.

Go work in a park or busy cafe if you have a laptop; spend 70% of your time people watching and 30% ofthe time doodling and drinking coffee.

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