Lost Floating Context Menu

This is a laptop issue moving between different displays. I don’t always have my context menus “docked”. Then I go to a different monitor setup (like a client meeting) and can not find the context menus. In the past I could select the menu then hit alt-space and move it. With the new Tray manager you cant “select” the menu that is off screen. Yes you can try the resizing of the display to something low and sometimes it comes back… and also try moving the secondary monitor around in the windows screen resolution setting, but both of those are clunky particularly if you are in front of a client at the time and are very hit or miss. I was just wondering if anyone has a good foolproof trick. I have no idea why windows has not implemented cascade windows to also bring back context menus… but they have not.

Have you tried resetting the workspace in Preferences>Work Space?

Hah… that is exactly what I have been looking for Thank you. I have never noticed that button despite how big it is.