Lost file after crash

Sketchup 2021 crashed using macOS Big Sur 11.6. There is no Sketchup folder in Application support. It appears that both the file and its backup are nowhere. I saved numerous times prior to crash. Please help!!!

Most likely, when there is no SketchUp folder in the Application Support, you weren’t running SketchUp from the application folder, but perhaps from the disc image.
Was it the first time that you ran SketchUp?
Try to do a search in Finder for .skp files, maybe, something shows up

Thanks for your reply. I did search for that extension and the file in question, as well as its backup were nowhere. It was not the first time running the program. I am running the program from an icon in my dock. At this point, I’ve recreated the lost work, and saving VERY frequently.

Make sure you have installed SketchUp correctly and that you are saving and working on files that are stored on your local drive, not out in the cloud somewhere.

Just for curiosity, have you looked in the folder that you are now saving into, to see if the old SKP file is there by any chance?

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There are two application support folders. There will not be a SketchUp 2021 folder here:

/Library/Application Support/

but there should be one here:

~/Library/Application Support/

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