Lost conversation

Dave R was guiding me through “roof intersections.” Now, I cannot see the conversation. I click on his reply and nothing. This problem has to be some basic operator error but what?

Link to topic: Roof intersections
(On the internet, please do always link to what you are talking about.)

It’s not your fault. The browser console displays an error likely caused by a bug in a forum component. Since the forum software uses dynamic loading, the content failed to load (which does not mean that the posts are deleted).

(something related to tiles, gallery, zoom)

lightbox = $(this).find("a.lightbox");

ReferenceError: assignment to undeclared variable lightbox

There is a let or var missing.

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I saw you had replied in that thread but I couldn’t see it either.

It was a lengthy reply. I will try to find it. Clearly, I am a very new member I may find something.

I’ve lost track…who should we ping these days to call attention to a forum bug? Anybody know?

It sounds like a forum bug. Probably not because you are new or any other fault on your part unless you were trying to send me your credit card information or something. :wink: Hopefully whomever it is that currently has the Stick of Forum Power, @jody maybe, will have some insight.

I got the Discourse team on it and it should be fixed now.


I believe it is fixed. I just received a response from Dave R.