Losing dialog boxes

There have been past posts about this but they haven’t helped me.

Out of the blue, I stopped being able to see some of the floating dialog boxes despite them being ticked as open and expanded.

And no, I haven’t changed any settings or tried to use a second monitor. And yes, I have tried closing everything down and restarting, even the computer itself.

Any ideas how to get them back from wherever they have floated off to? There really should be a button somewhere to restore to default settings or something.

Oh, and note this is a Mac issue this time. So “trays” not relevant (I think).

Did you try resetting the workspace in Preferences?

I’d start with @DaveR’s suggestion. If that doesn’t work try moving any open ones around and/or closing them to see if the missing ones are hidden behind them. Unfortunately the info about panel positions and sizes is stored in either the .json preference files or the .plist file, and I don’t know a safe way to edit those without a risk of causing worse problems. Deleting those files should work, but that will also abandon all of your other settings, which is truly a last resort.

So there IS a reset button! Yup, that works. Thanks @DaveR & @slbaumgartner. And Happy New Year to both. Hope it’s not too cold where you are.

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Good you got it sorted and HNY.

Not the -40°C wind chills we had for Christmas. Only -1°C with freezing rain.


Unlike most of the US, it has been unseasonably warm here in the coastal Northeast. In the 50’s F!

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A few minutes ago:



At only -1 it’s almost shorts and flip flops weather but the freezing rain makes the roads and sidewalks pretty greasy (pronounced greezee).

You didn’t get the two meters of snow even our news told about? The temperature and amount of snow looks practically identical to ours today.

No. We didn’t get a lot of snow in that previous storm but the winds were so high what we got made some pretty tall drifts.

I ran into the same issue and resetting the workspace worked for me as well. As a long time user on a PC…switching to a Mac…this issue has been a plague. I have to rearrange my workspace each time I start SketchUp Pro 2022…window placements, toolbars, etc. It’s cumbersome…and frustrating. Any tips to keeping the workspace the same?

Commonly the reason for this on Mac is that the user is running SketchUp from the .dmg instead of properly installing it. Did you actually install SketchUp?

In case anyone didn’t understand @DaveR, the correct way to install SketchUp on Mac (which is no different from many other Mac apps) is:

  1. Download the installer dmg file
  2. Click the dmg to mount the disk image. This will put a disk icon on the desktop and also open an installer dialog window.
  3. In the installer dialog, drag the SketchUp icon onto the Applications folder icon, as suggested by the large arrow between them.
  4. A small dialog will open telling you that files are being copied. Let it complete and click “replace” if there is a previous installation of this version.
  5. After the install completes, close the installer dialog and then eject the dmg icon from the desktop or via Finder.
  6. Launch SketchUp from the Applications folder.

If you don’t follow these directions correctly, you may get SketchUp placed in an incorrect temporary folder (for security), and it won’t run correctly from there.

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For #5 you can get there in less steps by right-clicking in an empty area of the disk image window, and choosing “Eject SketchUp 2022”. Saves having to find the disk image entry in other Finder windows.

All super helpful…and I will likely reinstall using this method…thanks everyone!