Losing curved surface of solid of rotation made with follow-me

Hi All.

I’m trying to rotate a fairly simple rounded-cornered delta shape to created a lenticular solid with a hollow center, like a flattened donut (files attached) using follow-me and an extraneous circle. When the solid forms, the rounded inner edge surfaces are not created (JPEG also attached)… Any ideas?

Thanks, Button v201.skp (1.1 MB)

Probably too small to form faces correctly. Scale up by 10 or 100, run follow me then scale back down.

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@Box is dead-on. Here’s what I get by scaling up by 100 before doing the followme.

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Great thanks. Should hv thought of that. Will do.

Fixed! Thanks again.

This solution did not work for me. Are there any other things that can cause this?
My case is pretty simple, I drew an arc, then I drew a square with one corner at the start of the arc, then used follow me to extrude the square along the arc. On the back of my design (outside edge) it worked perfectly, but the same technique on the front (inside edge) produced a curved surface rather than a solid object.
Any ideas?