Looking to upgrade to run Sketchup better. Advice on what to optimize for (Spec attached)

Hey, all.

My wife is going to school for design, and I thought I had put together a pretty good rig for her. It turns out, though, that Sketchup grinds it to a near halt. It runs AutoCAD decently well, but–as her schooling and internships progress–Sketchup is becoming more and more common. showbox

She runs SU as lightly as possible. She turns off shadows, does not use lighting, and runs with stripped down settings. Even placing a basic wall, though, causes issues. Where can I optimize this system to help her out?

What is it she’s using now? Your profile is confusing. It shows the operating system as Windows but doesn’t specify which and it shows the graphics card as ‘mac’ which makes no sense on a PC. What is the graphics card really? Which version of SketchUp Pro is she using?
Screenshot - 10_9_2021 , 7_57_40 AM

Perhaps if you begin by informing us of what her system specs are, the OS and version, and what type of package (notebook, mini-tower desktop, full tower desktop, etc.)

And what your budget is.

Take in account that Autodesk uses DirectX, whereas SketchUp uses OpenGL. Big difference regarding Graphics.
I used to say when my 15 year old son could play GTA on it, it probably plays well with SketchUp.
(He’s 17 now and doesn’t play it anymore)
You need a high clock CPU in combination with a dedicated gaming Graphic card.

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