Looking to hire SketchupTerrain Expert to create 3D Terrain Model


Looking to hire Sketchup 3D Terrain Modeling Expert to model of parcel.

Can provide digital topo (jpg), or address for pulling source.
Quote/rate, etc.


Hello @RobBarros
Hope you are doing well!

Sent you PM please check.


Hi Seth,

Pretty basic gig, but not my skillset and needed.

Just a 3D topography map, no buildings, nothing else. It’s for architectural planning. Eventual cabin replacement at 555, partially obscured on the 652 line. N & S boundary lines from the county are way off and why they are not included on this map. I’d like to have some idea what the views are when placing house models.

If you prefer to work from Google Earth: street address is: 555 S Brule River Road, Brule WI 54820.

Estimate, rates, etc.


Hi, Rob

I’ve been using a fellow via Upwork named Nathan Greene. Excellent work with anything organic. I’m a rectilinear guy myself.


Use Freehand tool for contours lines and Fredo TopoShaper for generate 3D terrain