Looking the sketch idea on the wooden boxes

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I am thinking of making some wooden storage boxes for my children’s bedroom. I was looking at sliding lid opening but a little unsure how these are made. I saw some examples on this site www.customcraftltd.com but couldn’t find any plans.

Can anyone give me ideas on the best type, sketch design and thickness of material? Also would these be best glued or screwed together?

I believe that the link can be classified as spam, so please remove and post a few screen shots of the objects that you wish to create

a spam ? your internet security seems to be on its guard today :slight_smile:

To make such boxes, I remember using this once :

Basically you enter the parameters you need, and it’ll give you pdf ready to be cut (in my case, laser cut).

The best idea if you want to make one from scratch in sketchup is to… get your hands on one, to get the feel. Ma grandfather made one I still use, sides are 1cm, top and bottom 0,5, it’s some cheap wood, maybe pine, marine plywood for the thin parts, and it was glued. At this size, glue is fine, really fine.

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One of the best methods I’ve seen and used is the quarter, quarter, quarter.
Take a look here.

The Quarter-Quarter-Quarter Drawer System

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for a sliding lid I would cut a rabbit on three sides and then make a door that is slightly less thickness of the rabbit. Look at the quarter method listed in another comment or take to time to make dovetail corners for the box. Look at a sight like Fine Woodworkinf for ideas and possible plans.