Looking for someone to draw my lifejacket/paddle locker

I’m looking for someone to draw a 12’ x 5’ x 6’ high, lifejacket/paddle locker.

I’ve been doing some SketchUp drawing but I’m slow and don’t know the tricks to speed the project up.

I have the basics drawn already, now I need someone whom can add the detail.
ie shop drawings. Hinges, how the doors will fit etc etc.
I’m thinking it’s quicker to hire someone to do it.

I can provide ‘scope of project’ letter and what I have produced so far such that you can get an idea of what I am after.

shoot me a note if you are interested.

paddle locker with names and 4 x 4 rafters April 23.skp (746.1 KB)

@Eric801, add the skp file and you’ll get lots of help learning…


Hi Thanks, I think I just uploaded the skp file

paddle locker with names and 4 x 4 rafters April 23 - revised april 24.skp (746.1 KB)

I sent you a PM. Click on the E in the purple circle up in the right part of the screen.

HI DaveR
clicked on the ‘e’ but just get your original message, don’t see a pm one.

It starts, “If you haven’t already got a taker for your project, I can probably do it.”

HI John
I think it’s good now?
ie updated skp file
could you look and confirm

is that the updated skp in your first post?


Looked at the updated and I’m afraid it needs a lot of work to get to finished drawings…

did you contact @DaveR, maybe you could try to book him for an online one to one…


Hi The pic in my first post is the original, below that is a link to the updated file, not that it’s very updated and yes there is a fair bit of work to do. I did my original drawing last fall and found out last week it’s a go subject to shop drawings. That’s how these things I find often go. you get the go ahead at the last minute.

DaveR did contact me but isn’t avail in the time frame I’d like
he put me on to Ken T

hopefully something will come of it.
thanks for your help, any suggestions always appreciated