Looking for someone to do a photo realistic rendering of a Mercedes based RV as part of a RV brochure

I’m looking for someone who can provide me with a photo realistic Mercedes based RV for a brochure. I will pay. I am U.S. based and located in the Los Angeles area. This will be a contract work. I will need possibly three different views. Please let me know if you are interested and approximately how much in US dollars it may cost and how long it may take. Please leave your contact with my inbox. It will be a plus if you can show me a sample of your work.

Are you also providing the model or is that extra? I am sure somebody will be able to do it for you but if not you may have more luck on a render forum.

I have a crude model. If you already have a Mercedes van model it’s certainly will be cheaper.

It would be helpful to post an image of the model you have so people can see how much work needs doing, they can probably give you an accurate quote then. It’s the model work that takes the most time. I would help out but already at capacity I am afraid. Are you looking for something like this?


Ooo…you are spot on, except mine would be a Mercedes van with cutouts for slide-outs . I am an RV designer. I have a patent pending RV (hence I can’t post the details or images) which I need to render realistically. I am preparing to pitch my design to an investor(s). So the images will be made into PowerPoint of GIF files.


Thank you for your interest and suggestion. The job has been filled as of 2/18/18.

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