Looking For one of these

Looking for a model of one of these, an LSSR210Z Joist hanger by Simpson Stong tie, but I have a feeling that there isn’t one out there. There are some DXF files that go with it:
C_LSSR210Z_2DO_Cad_FR_Prod.dxf (415.2 KB)
C_LSSR210Z_2DO_Cad_L_Prod.dxf (370.0 KB)
C_LSSR210Z_2DO_Cad_T_Prod.dxf (311.9 KB)

Medeek has commented in the past that there’s a lot of Simpson products in the Warehouse. But he also said they’re really poly heavy. Do you really need one with that much detail ? Pretty easy to knock out a simplified version if you have the dimensions.

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Indeed there are a bunch, but not this one! It’s fairly new.
There are dimensions here

And I have the CAD drawings which were made by the company. This would be a challenge for me to draw this that way I wish it was done. I don’t need every detail, I just want whatever detail I DO have to be accurate. This is a skew-able AND slope-able hanger.

Alright, I made one, but now I need some help to make it less poly-heavy… 16k polygons for a joist hanger is just too much!

I’m not sure why but it looks like there are reversed faces, but there aren’t.


Looks like you’ve got some reversed faces that can be corrected…

Give some consideration to the actual value of every detail you’ve added to the component. Think about how it will be used and what your audience needs to see to understand that it is a joist hanger. I’m guessing it could be simplified a great deal and still do the job it needs to do. Also keep in mind how it will be used and what level of detail will be visible. Perhaps the holes and slots aren’t really needed.

If you are creating a model that needs these things, will you really have to show them with any great detail? Maybe it would be enough to use a very simplified version of it and just add a label in LayOut that indicates what it is.


Do you really need all of the little holes and bumps.

You will notice that I typically remove most if not all of the holes in these hangers, the polycount goes way down and I am usually able to keep things below a 100k.

Even though I remove the holes I am very careful to make my version of the hangers dimensionally accurate, if you take any of my low poly models and supper impose them on the “real” Simpson models you will usually find they are a perfect match.

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There seems to be a rendering issue when the 3DWH is “adding its magic” there are no reversed faces.

I definitely want to make sure it’s accurate and low poly.
I made it using DXFs from the manufacturer.

What to do what to do…

Upload the file directly here.

LSSR210Z.skp (800.6 KB)

Oddly it doesn’t show reversed faces in the model in the Warehouse either.

Might bejust a rendering anomally due tot he thin parts.

You’ll notice that the “wings” aren’t solids, on purpose. (it’s showing reversed faces right where the split is) I’m trying to make this thing “adjustable”. Bending at the perforated places, and swiveling at the- swiveling… thingies…

Anyhow, the wings are in two pieces so I can bend it as I would in real life, but actually, it needs to be bent in 2 places, meaning 3 pieces… Back to the drawing board.

Look at how much nesting you are doing. It seems like there’s some unneeded nesting of components and groups. Also consider changing things like the lower part of the hanger. Instead of two component instances and a group. Make it two solid components and hide the seam between them.
Screenshot - 2_15_2022 , 10_35_45 PM

Is there any added value to the radius at the bottom of the vertical part of that?
Screenshot - 2_15_2022 , 10_36_01 PM

Does the round over on the joint really add anything useful?

How about those slots in the corner? Is it really necessary to model them as you have with 1860 entities in each slot?

I modeled a similar one with only 88 entities.
Screenshot - 2_15_2022 , 10_46_54 PM

The slots in the flat wings have 400 entities each. That could be reduced dramatically, too. All of those things will go toward making this a lighter component.

As before, keep in mind how the component will get used. Is the model about the joist hanger or is the joist hanger just playing a bit part?


Indeed, I plan to make this much less detailed.

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Here’s one without all the holes, and most of the arcs and circles simplified, or removed.

I’d like to have the holes, and I thought about using a texture, but that sounds complicated…

~86.75% decrease in size:

LSSR210Z - Low Poly.skp (111.3 KB)


thanks for everyone’s pointers and advice!

I’ll show y’all what I’m using this for later.

About a decade ago I modeled a bunch of hangers for Simpson. We ended up using 4 sided arcs on everything and 8 sides for circular holes (some hangers have triangle and square holes, so we did not drop lower than 8 sides). Keeping them as light as possible was super important, especially when you think about how many could end up in one framing model!


Would you say it’s a bit too much even as it is?
Not at all trying to be contentious, I’m just curious.

You can do low poly with holes simply by using the high poly one to create a transparent background png to use as your material.


:o HOW though?

Set view to front. Parallel projection, no sky, export 2d image as png with transparent background.
Use the image created as a material.