Looking for older installers

Anyone know where one can find the 2015 install? I upgraded to the 2016 version but it appears to have a show stopping bug (for me anyways…) The 2015 version once worked fine for me and I wish to return to it. This kinda sucks as I will lose a months worth of work :confused: SMH.

Look here for the available versions.

This - Sketchup 2016 - locking up

why not simply do a “File > Save as… > SketchUp Version 2015”?

Hmm… Didnt know we can do that. Thank you.

Hmm… I had removed my 2015 version. The link provided only offers the Pro version and since my trial period is finished… I cant use it. Thus I need a 2015 Make… Would hate to have to acquire that via nerfarious means. Please post a legit/legal version link. Thank you.

Links for older versions have been posted many times.
Here for example.

Its for the Pro only… My trial is over and it wont let me use it as Make.

That link is specifically for Make, not pro.

And I assume those run on Win10?

not officially, there might be issues.

still, why not use SU Make v2016?

I would prefer to use 2016… Having the mouse or program lock up every few seconds and/or altogether is annoying.