Looking for help with Section Fills

I am having problems with Section fills not working with my contour model
the attached PDF shows the problem - the contour model is in a group but the fill doesn’t seem to recognise the complex shape - is that just a drawback and can anyone suggest a work-around?


Hard to tell from just your PDF but if the shape isn’t closed, as in there’s not bottom on the box, there’d be no section fill displayed.


We can see on your PDF that it is not closed where you cut. On the left side, an horizontal plane is missing just before the first “step”

thanks very much for your quick replies, I have fixed that bit on the left but still have the problem - I am going to clean up the model a bit and will get back to you if it is still not working.

You may also enable section fill troubleshoot:

SketchUp displays red circles where object’s contour is not closed, so it may help to detect a problem.

Good eyes there…picking up that small detail. The little things can make a huge difference in peoples user experience with SKP.

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