Looking for an extension(or plug-in)'s name

I’m trying to assign a shortcut to the “edit” function (2nd from the left) of this suite of tools, but I can’t locate it in the SU preferences/shortcuts pane. The other functions are all available and listed, save that one, and a search of “edit” returns nothing that’s related.
The only text that shows up when I hover over the icon is “edit”
Since I don’t know the name of, be it the author or the suite itself, and can’t find a promising lead in any extension manager, I figured I’d ask here.

AS it shows in the text, it’s the Bezier Spline tools from Fredo. The second from the left is not “edit”, it’s Polyline which is second in your list as well.

It’s edit, trust me ; It’s just that I put the button there when I put the icons in the menu bar. I use the button all the time, so much so that I’m trying to use the keyboard instead.
You’ll agree with me that “edit” isn’t listed.
So, how will I find it in the shortcut prefs?

@franquin An edit command does not usually appear unless you have an object selected.

In this case, it must likely be a curve created with this extension (so it has this extension’s attributes attached.)

Once the curve is selected, look in the shortcut list under the Edit menu commands. (The Edit menu has on-the-fly “context” commands added when certain things are selected, ie the “context” of the selection.)

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Where is Fredo mentioned?

Well, apparently you don’t believe me.

So, I’m wrong in assuming that if a function is accessible from the menu bar, it can be accessed via the keyboard as well?

You can click on the Edit button on the toolbar but it doesn’t do anything unless you’ve selected something to edit. The same applies for the keyboard shortcut or accessing it via the Context menu.

This statement is doubly incorrect.

Just reread what we wrote. And learn how to get what you want for access to ANY edit context command.

It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s that

I didn’t know what text you were referring to.

See the creator and copyright fields (below) ?


This isn’t rocket science.

… and this whole thread belong’s in the Extension category.

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You wrote:

The suite is Bezier Spline as shown in the list you posted.

And for further proof,

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Well, the upshot is that I’ve yet to spot the line that reads:
Draw/BezierSpline curves/edit

You’re looking for the wrong thing.

I’ve looked again; What I get from the prefs pane, exhaustively:

This is my preferences window; Nothing about extensions…
I never knew it needed to BE rocket science.

Try searching without filtering for ‘edit’.

in your original screenshot the plugin path is… Draw/BezierSpline curves/… etc…

Maybe you’ll have better luck looking under the Draw Menu path… or for that matter no filter at all and scroll down the entire listings.

Thanks, but…
The post from 1/2 hour ago displays the results of a search under “edit”. The results of the search for Draw/Bezier and Draw Menu turn up empty as well, as shown in the original post.

To reiterate what Dan and Dave have already said, you must select a bezier curve before opening preferences otherwise it will not be in the edit menu.