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Hello, one other question for me as a newbie, I have drawn a flat plane (In my case, I hawe imported a .dwg facade) and I want to take a precise look at it from its front, a perpendicular look. The aim of it is that behind a facade I will draw a 3d shape of the building and I want to see that all lines really mach. I see that here are Camera standard views from top and others, that’s also helpful but not quite that what I need.

For an orthogonal front view…

Click … Camera > Standard Views > Front
Click … Camera > Parallel Projection

Position Camera Tool:
Click and hold from your starting point. Move mouse to what you want to face (in this case, you can make a guide line perpendicular from starting point) and release mouse at the point you want to look at.

Although if you want to know if the lines match up perpendicular, like @Geo said, you can just switch to Standard Camera Front view and turn on Parallel Projection.

You can also use the protractor tool to make guideline at 90 Degrees

Try right click on surface you want normal view and select align view

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Thank you all, it vas very helpful.