Look around height window does not close

When I choose for he look around symbol (the eye) in the mobile version, a small window opens to adjust the looking height, but that window cannot be closed.

Flick the measurement box upward with your finger, it will spin off the screen and be replaced with a small “i” in the upper right corner. Pressing the “i” will bring it back.

Thanks, it works, but strange in a way. Should disappear. Disturbs my view.

I guess the programmers wanted a way for us to get the window back easily. The only way I know of removing the small “i” is to switch back out of look around mode, into orbit or pan mode.

@endlessfix that’s correct. @eric.brandsma point taken. The single-tap gesture is assigned to hide/reveal the main toolbar, for an unfettered view of the model. I don’t see any reason why the info panel shouldn’t also take a hike when asked to leave. Thanks for pointing out this inconsistency. Duly noted.

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