Long camera panning video animation


Over the past month I’ve been using Sketchup and proper animation (plugin) for a video I’ve been making of furniture using the hidden line style. I’m very happy with how that project turned out and I now have another project I’d like to animate in SU.

It’s a video animation where 10 objects will move across the screen, each rotaating in turn so they ‘face’ the front view (all parallel projection for scene transitions).

I’ve managed to find an example of the final outcome I’d like to achieve and have a couple of queries.

  • How could I move the camera so the objects move across the screen (imagine they are on a conveyor belt), whilst at the same time making each object rotate independently and in a timed sequence.

The video starts at 08:50 - - YouTube

I realise this is pushing SU animation and I like a challenge. Again the speed bump to overcome is moving the camera to show the lineup of objects.


Try camera parameters.rb
Enables you to place and point the camera by the numbers.