Logo has changed

I am not much exercised by the change of logo personally. However, I did find it odd to receive an email in my inbox today that had the old one! Top right.

And hexagons in 2D…:grinning:

I was in the process of alerting the authorities, but in checking we all don’t have that icon in the upper right. What email client are you using, and do you have Contacts, where you might have set the icon that appears?

In the standard Windows 10 e-mail client I only see a generic avatar

Apple Mail.

I certainly wouldn’t have “set” anything consciously, especially something that I consider to be of such little import!

I use Mail as well, and don’t see any image to the right of the message arrival text.

Well, Colin, this is technology so it’s all completely rational - until it isn’t. We’ll probably never get to the bottom of it. But if I am the only “sufferer”, no harm done!

Hi pbacot & all,

There’s some chat on this on another message, see link below:-

Looks like you’ve got SketchUp saved as a contact, @simoncbevans and our old logo is set as the image. If you want to stay retro, that’s just fine with us. :slight_smile:

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I realize this “new” logo is actually quite old-fashioned. In fact it’s very 70’s

(upload://y8keawLnjdKM9tMCvQqRla6uw51.jpeg) image